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Cadet Keeffe at Aviation Cadet Training, Santa Ana, California, 1942

(Keeffe collection)

Gunnery practice. Cadet Keeffe is 2nd from right.

(Keeffe collection)

Cadet Keeffe in a twin-engine Curtiss AT-9 trainer, Yuma Army Air Field, Arizona.

(Keeffe collection)

Lt. Keeffe in copilot seat during flight training, Blythe Army Air Base, California.

(Keeffe collection)

These photos, and many more, are presented throughout the book.

At the bottom of each photo is the owner's name. Either they, or someone affiliated with them, gave me permission to use the photo.

** Click on the photo for a larger version.

Hethel Air Field, Station 114, East Anglia, England. Home of the 389th Bombardment Group.

(Roger Freeman)

Mission briefing.

(Kelsey McMillan)

B-24 heavy bombers line up on taxiway heading toward the takeoff runway.

(Brian Wickham for Norman Nutt)

Smoke marker bombers released by lead bombardier, telling all other bombardiers to release their loads.

(Mark Brotherton collection)

Photos before and during the bombardment of the Gotha Messerschmitt fighter factory, Feb. 24, 1944.

(Keeffe collection)

B-24 hit by flak and on fire. Notice fuel bladder bulging from left wing and engine oil spay on the left vertical stabilizer.

(USAF archives)

B-24 hit by flak. Photo taken seconds before the airplane exploded.

(USAF Museum)

B-24 hit by rocket from German ME-262 jet fighter.

(USAF Museum)

B-24 with the 566th Bombardment Squadron, 389th Bombardment Group.

(Paul Wilson collection)

Drawing of Lt. Keeffe free-falling after bailout. Drawn by Lt. James Blackstock, fellow POW at Stalag Luft III. (Keeffe collection)

Map drawn by a Dutchman, Dr. Lemoine, who watched Lt. Keeffe's B-24 crash-land near Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the Netherlands. The Roman numerals represents the location of each crewman who bailed out and the names of those crewmen whom Dr. Lemoine met. Lt. Keeffe is VIII. (Keeffe collection)

Dutch Resistance member, Marinus Veth, who rowed Lt. Keeffe to the town of Dordrecht. (Killed)

(Keeffe collection)

Dutch Resistance member, Johannes Verdorn, who helped row Lt. Keeffe to the town of Dordrecht. (Survived)

(Keeffe collection)

Samuel Esmeijer, alias “Paul,” who brought Lt. Keeffe to Rotterdam via bicycles. (Killed)

(Mark Lubbers collection)

Folkert Elsinga, 19-year old Dutch Resistance member, (Killed)

(Mark Lubbers collection)

Dutch helper - Dr. Albert Jappe-Alberts. Lt. Keeffe stayed in the Jappe-Alberts' home for 2 months. (Killed)

(Keeffe collection)

Dutch helper - Mrs. 'Jackie” Jappe-Alberts. (Survived)

(Keeffe collection)

Lt. Keeffe in center with Dutch Resistance members Kees van den Engel on left, and Albert Broekhuizen on right. (Keeffe collection)

The traitor, Rene van Muylem, chief operator of the false escape line, the KLM Line. Lt. Keeffe fell prey to this man. (Michael LeBlanc collection)

Allied prisoners-of-war leaving the interrogation center, Dulag Duft, enroute to various permanent POW camps. (Claudio Michael Becker collection)

Train station at Sagan, Germany where Lt. Keeffe and other POWs disembarked for a short march to the main POW camp called Stalag Luft III. (Author's collection)

Aerial reconnaissance photo of Stalag Luft III taken 17 Sept. 1944. Lt. Keeffe is in Center Compound. (Courtesy of U.S.Air Force Academy Archives)

Lt. Keeffe – POW #7412 (Keeffe collection)

Kriegies (POWs) walking the perimeter, getting in shape for “what ever is coming.” The Russian advance caused Hitler to order Stalag Luft III's evacuation on 27 January 1945. (General Clark collection)

Evacuation of 12,000 POWs from Stalag Luft III. This photo taken by a POW with a secret camera. (General Clark collection)

See these and over 110 more photos, maps, and drawings strategically placed throughout the book.

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